The Must Try Trend for Spring 2018 + Bumpdate

Spring is in the air and polka dots, one of the season’s hottest trends, have been stealing the scene! Polka dots have been everywhere and rightfully so, being a timeless classic (also surprisingly versatile). It’s such a playful print and I’m loving how they can come from small scale to large scale dots. One of my favorite ways to style a polka dot is mixing it with a different print like I’ve done here. I wanted to remain in the same peachy color scheme so I threw one of my favorite duster coats from Aritzia over the dress to amp it up.

Here are six of my favorite polka pieces to shop for this season:


Baby Bumpdate

How I’m Feeling: Energetic on some days and utterly lazy on others. The best mornings are those when I wake up…just to go back to bed.

Symptoms: Nonstop restroom runs have commenced! Also really feeling the weight of the belly now more than ever.

Cravings: Fruits!

Exercise: Starting to do 10 minute brisk walks after every meal (I don’t like sitting or laying down after I eat) + continuing strong with prenatal yoga! Some of you have asked where I’ve been going for yoga, I’m taking classes at Dragonfly Yoga + Wellness. Lainie Pascal is the instructor and she is super calm and supportive. She takes the time to get to know her students and really works with their body type so the positions are modified and suitable for their needs. Most importantly though, she helps new moms prepare for birth and caring for your baby by building strength in the right places and focusing on what is probably the most important thing during labor…breathing.

What I’ve Been Doing: Daydreaming about my babymoon!

My Favorite Thing to Wear: Dresses, dresses, dresses! The weather is finally looking bright…so more dresses!

What I’m Doing for Myself: Giving my body the attention it needs. I’m the type of person that is literally always on the go, but lately I’ve been taking things a bit slow. I know this time is precious so I want to enjoy it and graze along, rather than speed through it all.

Recent Purchases: A maternity belt and the Snoogle. These two items are life savers! They were actually given to me by my friend and sister who previously had babies. The cradle style belly belt has been helping me with lower back pain and just lifts the belly ever so slightly so the weight isn’t killer on me. It is made of cotton and spandex, which means it’s lightweight too. The Snoogle – ahhh the Snoogle! At first (during my 1st and 2nd trimesters) I hated it! I found it to be more of a bother and in my way, but now it all makes sense! As my belly is quickly growing, so is the general discomfort. The shape includes head support and also between the leg support. I’ve slept with it for over 2 weeks now and tried it in different positions (wound up and used for sitting up, partially sitting up support and between the leg support) and all positions are extremely comfortable. Basically the best cuddling companion ever – sorry (not sorry) Haris!

Shop My Look

Zara Polka Dot Dress • Artizia Spring Duster (sold out; similar here and here) • Zara Sun Pumps (sold out; similar here and here) • Lodis Belt • Gucci Round Sunglasses • Zara Navy Blue Mini Bag (old; similar here and here)