How To: Reduce Your Closet to a Capsule Wardrobe + Bumpdate

I don’t know if it’s a symptom of being pregnant or not but it suddenly seems like less is so much more. While thinking about the next phase in life, I decided to simultaneously embark on a journey to trim the fat in my closet. (Or I just became crazy and felt like adding another to-do to my list…).

I’m looking to cut down on the number of choices I have to make every day aka remove the decision fatigue from my life. One of the ways I plan to do that is to build a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe represents more time, more money, and more energy for the things in life that really matter. By shopping based on need, you save money on frivolous items that add up (my husband can be the first to attest to this).

Here are some of my tips for creating your own capsule wardrobe:

  1. Make a list. Start by figuring out what your lifestyle entails so you have an idea before you move to the next step. What clothing pieces are a must in your wardrobe? Jeans? Yoga pants? T-shirts? Blouses? Skirts? Dresses? Write it all down.
  2. Evaluate what you currently have. Chances are you already have most, if not all, of what you’ll need for your capsule wardrobe. What pieces of clothing can easily be dressed up? What clothing do you gravitate toward wearing most often? What do you own that makes you feel great? The rest – you should think about donating to your favorite organization.
  3. Think about color. When choosing your capsule wardrobe, you also want to pay attention to colors. I recommend keeping a lot of neutral colors and using colorful accents with accessories (neck ties, necklaces, belts, shoes, etc.) to change things up.
  4. Empty out your entire closet—you’ll only want to have items hanging that are part of your capsule!
  5. Shopping trip! If there’s something in your closet you don’t currently have, it’s okay to go shopping for it. But always remember to take the list with you so you’re laser-focused on the pieces you need to shop for.

Baby Bumpdate

How I’m Feeling: Productive and nesty with a side of exhaustion on some days.

Symptoms: Itchiness and some more lower back pain. Getting bigger means my body is carrying more weight and that often takes a toll on my lower back. The insomnia is also creeping up on me; if I wake up in the middle of the night, it’s extremely difficult to go back to sleep. So I end up napping 3-4 hours during the day at times!

Cravings: Lots of fruits! Tarty ones like kiwis and grapefruit.

Exercise: Prenatal yoga is going amazing – I absolutely love it and have never been more in tune with my own ability to focus on my core and breathing. I’m more so taking these courses to have a better hold on breathing (you know, for when it’s game time). The last class I attended, we did a bit of a full body tune up with the tiny hard yoga balls and let me tell you – it felt like I literally gave myself a massage. I felt as if my joints and muscles became so loose. I think I love the classes so much I’ll continue through with the postnatal classes.

What I’ve Been Doing: Getting ready to start assembling things together (i.e. car seat, stroller, bassinet, etc.). Also starting to think about a local baby moon – things have been so busy and hectic that we could definitely do well with a quick weekend getaway. Lastly, and most excitingly, getting excited for our baby showers! Shout out to all the family and friends who are taking charge; your love, care and willingness to make our little one’s arrival so special is beyond words. I just get choked up thinking about everyone going out of their way to help – I can’t even imagine the mess I will be on the day of. Loads of love to each and every person laying even a finger on these events.

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